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Selected Work in Progress

Updated January, 2022

Zhang, Z. Toward financially accountable brand awareness building: Connecting models of brand memory and consumer choice. In preparation.

Zhang, Z., Wang, S., Kayser A. S., & Hsu, M. I am not fickle, but my memory might be: Choice switches driven by imperfect memory recall. In preparation.

Chen, P.*, Zhang, Z.*, & Hsu, M.  Mapping 25 years of brand knowledge evolution with vector semantics. In preparation.

Zhang, Z., Maboudian, S., Jackson A., Ngo, S., Manivannan, M., Kayser, A. S., Hsu, M., & Chiong, W. Mechanistic contributions of memory to decision-making impairments in Alzheimer's disease. In data collection.

Wu, Q., Zhang, Z., Kayser A. S., & Hsu, M. Flexible reconfigurations of large-scale brain networks in decisions with predefined vs. self-generated options. In preparation.

* denotes equal contributions.

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