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Updated December, 2023

Bartholomew, M., Zhang, Z., Hsu, M., Kayser, A. S., & van Horen, F. (2023) A New Addition to the Trademark Litigator's Toolkit: A Neuroscientific Index of Mark Similarity. The Trademark Reporter, 113, 789..

Zhang, Z., Good, M., Kulikov, V., van Horen, F., Bartholomew, M., Kayser A. S., & Hsu, M. (2023) From scanner to court: Toward a neuroscientifically informed “reasonable person” test of trademark infringement. Science Advances, 9(6), abo1095

  • Media coverage: Fortune, Fast CompanyThe Daily Californian, World Trademark Review, Creative Bloq, Big Think

Maboudian, S., Hsu, M., & Zhang, Z. (2022) Visualizing and characterizing longitudinal changes in verbal fluency using recurrence plots. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 14, 810799. 

Zhang, Z., Wang, S., Good, M., Hristova, S., Kayser A. S., & Hsu, M. (2021). Retrieval-constrained valuation: Toward prediction of open-ended decisions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(20).

  • Media coverage: The Hill, Medical XPress, Guokr (果壳)

Furman, D. J., Zhang, Z., Chatham, C., Good, M., Badre, D., Hsu, M., & Kayser A. S. (2021). Augmenting frontal dopamine tone enhances maintenance over gating processes in working memory. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 33(9), 1753-1765.

Zhang, Z., Chandra, S., Kayser, A. S., Hsu, M., & Warren, J. (2020). A hierarchical Bayesian implementation of the experience-weighted attraction model. Computational Psychiatry, 4, 40-60.

Zhang, Z. & Coppin, G. (2018). To what extent memory could contribute to impaired food valuation and choices in obesity? Frontiers in Psychology, 9, 2523.

Zhang, Z., Fanning, J., Ehrlich, D. B., Chen, W., Lee, D., & Levy, I. (2017). Distributed neural representation of saliency controlled value and category during anticipation of rewards and punishments. Nature Communications, 8, 1907.

Zhang, Z., Mendelsohn, A., Manson, K. F., Schiller, D., & Levy, I. (2015). Dissociating value representation and inhibition of inappropriate affective response during reversal learning in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex. eNeuro, 2(6), ENEURO-0072.

  • Featured in Viewpoints Q&A at Nature Neuroscience

Zhang, Z., Manson, K. F., Schiller, D., & Levy, I. (2014). Impaired associative learning with food rewards in obese women. Current Biology, 24(15), 1731-1736.

  • Media coverage: BBC, Los Angeles Times, The Baltimore Sun, The Orlando Sentinel, The Capital Gazette, ScienceDaily, The Times of India, Guokr (果壳), Canadian Broadcasting Corp., China National Radio, News Ghana

  • Featured in commentary by neuroscientists Terry Davidson and Ashley Martin and in In Brief at Nature Reviews Neuroscience

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